C Health and Wellness Massage & Bodyworks L.L.C
Professional Massage Therapy


 C Health and Wellness Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • All clients are required to fill out an intake form prior to services in order for the therapist to be properly informed about injuries, medications or allergies that may affect massage. 
  • 48 hours notice is required prior to cancellation of the client's appointment for full refund .
  • 24 hours notice is required prior to cancellation of clients appointment for partial refund.
  • If refund is not requested before time of cancellation, the account will be credited automatically for pre-sold services.
  • We do refund gift cards for cash; store credit only.
  • No refund on store bought products.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or deny any appointment that breaks state and federal laws.
  • Clients will have 14 days to reschedule appointments before they lose their store credit.
  • Anyone with a membership can cancel their membership at any time; credit rules still apply; you have 6 months from the time of the original credit to redeem; if not they will fall off.
  • We do not give refunds on series packages, you can use your series package for a year.